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Digital Images

After a recent gallery visit I realized how the internet & digital images affect the way paintings are perceived.

There was a portrait, that I saw on the gallery website. On first view looked pretty simple, plain, nothing about it really grabbed me. But when I saw it in the gallery, the brush strokes were amazing. A whole different painting.

I have two computer monitors at work. I always have a painting, that I change monthly as a background (trying to bring some culture to my fellow paper-shuffling automatons). This month it is a landscape of Pike’s Peak by Albert Bierstadt;

mountains, pine trees, a lake.  On one monitor it is a lush green painting, looks like spring. On the other is warm dry looking, a fall scene. The difference between the monitors one is one year older.

It’s something to keep in mind as so many artist are using websites to show, and sell, their work now. It is good that it opens up art from around the world to a wider audience, but with even the best photographer, even the best equipment, you can get a false impression of a work. Visit a gallery, there is no substitute for seeing art in person.



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I recently joined a local art group; The Colorado Coalition of Artists (COCOA). once a week they have a life drawing workshop. Nice people, good models.

It’s been a long time since I drew from a live model, I am very rusty…



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