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New Painting: “God”


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I’ve been reading about The John Singer Sargent painting “Madame X”. A painting of a wealthy woman named Amelie Gautreau who never accomplished anything but for some reason the people of Paris were deeply interested in what she wore and who she dated. Like the Kim Kardashian of 1800’s France.


This is not the original. In the original the strap of her dress had fallen off her shoulder. People thought this pose was scandalous, even though paintings like this were in the same gallery

It was one of those rolling criticisms where one critic dissed the painting, then another said “he’s right” and on and on until all the art world lemmings were jumping on the “Madame X” sucks bandwagon. It almost ruined Sargent’s career.  Fortunately he was able to find enough non-lemmings to keep in business until several years later when the fickle art world decided that “Madame X’ was actually pretty good and started begging Sargent to exhibit the painting. By that time he had repainted the strap

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Doodle 3-Masque


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